(His Name is) Robert Paulson

Fight club and Meat Loaf

Meat loaf has found himself in a few of the weirdest movies. He was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a motorcycle driving guy. He was in Wayne’s World, a fact that I did not know until I looked up Meat Loaf’s IMDb page. But, his most iconic role was as Robert Paulson in Fight Club. He gave Edward Norton a hug in the support group. I won’t use his name, but look him up if you’re having trouble remembering. It’ll come to you. Anyway, today we made his sandwiches namesake. (His Name is) Robert Paulson.

(His Name is) Robert Paulson
“What you say about Turkey meatloaf?” – Meat Loaf, probably

Meat Loaf and Meatloaf

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no no, I won’t do that. Meat Loaf was known for his scrawling prolonged rock anthems usually dealing with love and all of its craziness. What Meat Loaf never sang about was meatloaf itself. That beautiful delicious bread-loaf-shaped pile of meat that you put in the oven for a few hours and douse in ketchup. For this sandwich, we had to do just that, but with turkey. Turkey meatloaf is something that I had never tried before, but I was excited for it.

The rest of the sandwich was bread, a cabbage salad, and some marinara sauce. It all goes together in this mix. It’s pretty fun to me to think of taking meat and making it into a loaf and taking a loaf of bread and de-loafing it to put something that isn’t normally loafed inside of it. I know that was hard to follow, but it was even harder to write, so it’s cool. Anyway, those are the ingredients of (His Name is) Robert Paulson.

Meatloaf and Preparation

Ain’t no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed. ‘Cause we were barely Seventeen and we were barely dressed. It wasn’t Paradise by the Dashboard Light when I was making the meatloaf, but the oven light was pretty close to the same thing. I prepared the meatloaf with all its ingredients, and like Meat Loaf with his singing career, I got my hands into the bowl and smushed it all together. (If there are any Meat Loaf historians, please let me know if that made sense.) Then I shaped it into a loaf and put it into the oven.

After that was done cooking, we had to make the cabbage salad and toss some marinara sauce onto the bread and put it into one healthy sandwich. (Note: With this much meat, even turkey, it probably wasn’t healthy.) he hard part of this whole recipe was getting the meatloaf to stay in loaf form. As we shoveled the turkey and marinara goodness into our mouths, we were reminded of the “Let me sleep on it” line from the song and how we were going to sleep well tonight.

Meatloaf and My Feelings

Like a Bat out of Hell, I’ll be gone when the morning comes. While looking up lyrics for Meat Loaf songs, I realized just how interesting this guy really is. I hope he reads this and decides “I should give songs another shot.” Regardless of how Meat Loaf feels about his career, I can tell you how I feel about the meatloaf food. It is one of my favorite things. If you’ve read my blogs about the veggie sandwiches I’ve made, you know how hard it has been for me to not eat meat in these sandwiches. That all changes with this post. I love meatloaf and I am reminded every time that I eat it, why I love it. It truly was paradise by the oven light.

All in all, if you’re not into turkey, I would not recommend eating this sandwich. It is mostly turkey and goodness. One thing that really did it for me was the sauce that went on top of the meatloaf. It was a combination of ketchup (As per usual), Grape Jelly, and Sriracha. It was delicious and added a good kick of flavor when you hit it in the sandwich.

Here’s my cat’s reaction to the sandwich.

(His Name is) Robert Paulson

Oh, Meat Loaf, Robert Paulson, or Michael/Marvin Lee Aday. You had the voice of an angry angel. You snag about love and how you were apparently in love a lot from high school to whenever you wrote the songs. You were a Bat out of Hell and your sandwich lives up to its name. Please, don’t stop your career, you may be 72, but Tyler Kord and I agree. You’re one awesome character. And sandwich.

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