The Frito Kid

The wild west was a lawless time. People would kill, steal, and do whatever they wanted. There were marshals around, but they just weren’t enough to stop the outlaws and ruffians that terrorized people that explored their Manifest Destiny. That was until the Frito Kid came along. He was the fastest hand in the west and could take any of these bandits down. And he did, with ease. The only problem? He was a chip. And now he’s a sandwich. This week I made The Frito Kid from a Super Upsetting Cookbook about Sandwiches.

The Frito Kid

The Frito Kid Mascot
When the Frito Kid wasn’t winning gun battles, he was enjoying corn chips.

The Sandwich

I’m back on the meat train again from last week. It was rough, but I was able to make it through. I’m not sure how, but I made up for it this week by making The Frito Kid. This sandwich’s main ingredient is chicken. That oh so delightful meat that adorns many a plate. No, we’re not talking Buffalo Wild Wings type chicken, if you could call that food even. We’re talking real chicken breast that I bought from a store. Chicken has got to be my favorite meat and I was more than happy to take on a sandwich that had it as a staple.

Quick, list these meats in order of your liking. Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Pork. Here’s mine.

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Turkey
  4. Pork
  5. Fish
The Frito Kid Chicken
Look at that beautiful chicken I made for the Frito Kid.

As for most sandwiches in this book, we used sub rolls. We unfortunately could only find small ones at the store for this week, but they worked great. I’m also a huge fan of bread. I’m really like Oprah from that commercial she did for something other than bread. The only thing I can remember though is her talking about how much she loves bread. I’m really with you, Oprah. You keep liking bread.

Lastly, are the sauces. This sandwich called for black bean hummus and a balsamic vinegar concoction that we soaked the chicken in. One was the paste that was going to hold the Fritos to the bread and the other was a marinade for the chicken. I ordered some black bean hummus from the store, but got regular hummus instead. I use Amazon Prime, because I don’t have a car, but I won’t fault them. They’ve been a lifesaver, but I will be mad at Jeff Bezos. Mostly because he took the bald look and ruined it and I am quickly having to adorn that look, but not by choice.


Tyler had us cook this chicken in such an interesting way and I loved it. Essentially you put enough water in a medium saucepan for it to boil with the chicken on top, as the water slowly evaporated, the chicken would then cook on the pan. Add some onions and thyme to the mix and we were making some awesome chicken. Chicken, although almost perfect, can get dry pretty quickly, but this saved us from that. Tyler has sent us a gift of moist chicken and we must thank him for it through this blog.

Tyler Kord
Here’s a picture of the moist chicken god himself.

Next up came the Fritos. For once, we didn’t have to make these ourselves. We were allowed to buy this from the store. Here comes our next problem. Prime had to get the food from Whole Foods and there is nothing Whole about Fritos. They are incredibly delicious, but they do not fit into the standard that Whole Foods has created. So we had to go with these off brand healthier ones called Bearitos. I wish I could say that they weren’t as good and help bring the Frito-Lay Company to a higher level, but they were actually quite good.

Lastly, once all those things adorned our sandwich, it was time to add some healthy stuff, so as to not piss off our stomachs. We added tomato and romaine lettuce to the mix. I didn’t add the tomato, but I did add the onion left over from the cooking of the chicken. Even more than chicken in my book is onions. They are a perfect vegetable. They taste good. Fry up really well. And if you want people to leave you alone, you just need take a bit of a raw onion and you are good. Then the sandwich was fully made. Then is was time to eat.

My Feelings

The sandwich was absolutely delicious. I really wished we had the black bean hummus, because that would have been a nice glue to hold everything together while adding some good flavors that would compliment the Bearitos. Apart from that, we had a really good time. The chicken was moist and full of flavor from the marinade. The tomatoes and lettuce tasted good to Hannah and the onions made me feel like a champion. Overall, this was a great and relatively easy sandwich to make.

To add a bit here so as to maybe make Tyler feel good if he is having a bad day. He has helped me through this book to not only become a better cook, but to be confident in my own cooking. I used to only make pasta all the time, because I knew I wouldn’t mess it up, but I’m learning to do more. I’ve also been taught that even though you may mess up, it isn’t the end of the world and the food is going to be there regardless. It might not taste as good, but it still will be there. A good life lesson from this awesome book.

Ending Thoughts

The day is done. The Frito Kid puts up his hat onto a hook in his living room/kitchen/bedroom (It was the wild west so it was all one room). He has done his duty and made the west a better place by slaying the bandits and outlaws. He cannot wait for the day when people will associate his name with a sandwich that is beautiful and delicious, but until that day comes he will continue his endless quest to bring law to this lawless land and time. Someday, he will be able to rest. But not anytime soon.

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