Chutzpah Express, or I’ve Got Guts!

“You gotta have guts.” “You’ve got to grow up.” “Become an adult.” These are things we have to hear a lot and deal with these concepts as we get older. One of the hardest things for me is making my own food. Oh, how it is so much easier to simply go to a sandwich store and buy it. Or have your parents make it for you as you grew up. Those were the days. Now, I have become an adult and I must make my own sandwich, but if this latest sandwich has taught me anything, it has taught me the meaning of Chutzpah. Here is the Chutzpah Express from A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches.

Chutzpah Express, or I’ve Got Guts!

The Sandwich itself

Wikipedia has a lot to say about the word Chutzpah. It was originally a negative Hebrew word that talks about the audacity to do something, generally though, bad. Nowadays, it is used to show courage and confidence. I don’t think this sandwich was referring to the former meaning, but rather the later. I had to take a lot of courage to get myself out of my stupor on the couch after a long day of working. It took a lot of confidence in my own skills to then make the sandwich. I used a lot of audacity to buy roast beef rather than actually make it, like Tyler suggests.

The Chutzpah Express is a roast beef sandwich. Its ingredients are relatively simple. Some pickled mushrooms.  Some Chinese mustard. Finish it off with the roast beef and some parsley on a Kaiser roll and you’ve got it down. I knew this was going to be a long week at work and I wouldn’t have a ton of time. I wanted to make an easy sandwich, so I chose this one. I knew about the word Chutzpah, which attracted me initially to the sandwich, but through this sandwich, I finally understand what the word really means.


Right off the bat, Tyler has a great recipe for roast beef. Letting it cook for two hours. Smothering it in some beautiful spices and sauces. Letting it soak and get all of this flavor. It sounds absolutely delicious. I chose to spit in his face a little bit and buy pre-sliced, pre-packaged, and pre-cooked roast beef from my local grocery story. I realize that this may lose me favor with Mr. Kord, but I’m hoping that he values honesty over anything else and that this will make him upset, but he will realize he likes me again, because of my integrity. That or he will just realize that I didn’t have two hours to give this week, but maybe later? More just hoping he’s a reasonable guy.

I had never heard of Chinese mustard before, or at least not mustard that comes in a jar, but my local grocery had and it was in stock. Thank goodness for them and knowing more about food than I do. It’s really been a lifesaver for more than just this recipe. The mustard has a surprising kick that you don’t feel right away. We definitely added too much of the mustard and were feeling it as we chugged along. We loved it but would recommend using less than we did.

My favorite part of the sandwich, and really one of my favorite ways of preparing food, was the pickled mushrooms. If I walked into a store that pickled anything and everything, I think that store would have found its new best customer. I can’t get enough of pickled things. Pickled mushrooms, pickles, even pickled eggs. I love it all. I will eat anything if it is pickled. And now that I have this relatively simple recipe for pickling mushroom, you know I’m going to try pickling even more stuff. The mushrooms were an awesome touch and really brought the sandwich from the good to great for me.

My Feelings

I’ve already talked about the pickling process and just what that did for me. I am in love with it and we need not tell Hannah, my fiancé, otherwise she might not be too happy. Apart from that, I really enjoyed this sandwich. It would have definitely tasted better had I chosen the “make your own roast beef” route, but It still was great with the store-bought roast beef. The mustard added the right kick. The parsley gave us some green and brought out the flavors of everything in the sandwich. The pickled mushrooms brought it all around. The bread was bread and Oprah was right when she talked about how great bread was. Overall, an outstanding sandwich.

Davis with the Chutzpah Express
Me, trying to show I have cheeks. Yep, they’re there.

Ending Thoughts for the Chutzpah Express

Now that I’ve got the Chutzpah that I need, I feel as though I can bring this newfound confidence with me into the world. Give my feelings about my job and the raise I need. Tell the people around me just how I feel about them. Stick up for myself more. Or I can just keep going the same route as I have been, but just with a new recipe in my back pocket. I think I will likely do the latter, but it doesn’t hurt to dream sometimes.

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