About or How Story Sandwiches Came To Be and How I Learned to Stop Worrying

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Harsh winters are my life.

On the harsh cold grounds of Fargo, North Dakota…

one night in March sometime in the 90s, a baby’s cry could be heard through the winds of winter (Not the George R.R. Martin one). It was his first night in this world. His first of many sleeps on the adventure known as life. Little did that baby know that one day he would have two distinct and different interests. Movies and sandwiches. The baby went to bed that night not knowing what either of those things were, but upon their discovery would never sleep the same way that he did that first night in this world. The only difference now is that baby lives in Minneapolis, MN.

That baby was me

Davis And his Story Sandwiches
I’m not a baby in this photo

I am Davis. Purveyor of sandwiches. Indulger of stories. Lover of putting things together on the same piece of bread that maybe shouldn’t go together, but when they do, boy, oh boy, are they so perfect. Today and for the rest of this website’s life, those two ingredients will be sandwiches and movies. When I’m not indulging myself in a delectable sandwich or watching a movie, I’m making movies, videoing weddings, hanging with my two black cats and partner Hannah, or just grabbing a beer in one of Minneapolis’ fine breweries.

The Point

Sandwich the movie
I have not seen this movie, but it is now my Magnum Opus

This blog will bring what it can to the already saturated worlds of movies and sandwiches. I hope to be a player in the conversation, so when someone asks “What’s up with sandwiches and/or movies?” you can answer them with what is written in this blog.

  • I will make my own sandwiches and write about them.
  • I will watch movies and tell you how they made me feel, because too many people rank based upon facts, filmmaking rules, and compared to other movies.
  • I will eat sandwiches made by other people, like my friends Jersey Mike and Potbelly (His mother gave him a really weird name).

Overall, I will review my two favorite things and bring my sense of humor to each post. Overall, I just want to entertain you, because I need more attention.

What can you do?

Cool kid at computer
Be cool, that’s what you can do.

I want you to participate, as well. I want you to tell me when my opinion is wrong, because that’s how opinions work. They are completely objective and only yours is right. I want you to tell me about a movie you saw that you think I will either love or hate. I want to share my emotions with you about the movies I watch and I expect you to do the same. I want to tell you how hard of a time I had making a sandwich, because I tried an insane new recipe, but I had fun. I want you to tell me about sandwich recipes you grew up with, because I want to make them. Please be as active as you feel, this is not only a safe space, but a fun space and I want to hear it all.

So, let’s do this together

Kermit Together Gif
For the first time.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this little project of mine. I talk with Hannah about these things way too much, but I still feel like I need to get more of it out, so I’m going to talk to you. Yes, you directly, I see you sitting/standing there doing something/nothing. I hope you have a good time and I hope you love sandwiches and movies as much as I do. Please let me know if you don’t and I will help you to like them a little bit more, or at least slightly enjoy reading about them.

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